Gynaecology IUI Catheters

We offer premium Gynaecology IUI Catheters that are a combination of solid thick cervix catheter and flexible intra-uterine catheter. The Gynaecology IUI Catheters offered by us are gamma irradiated, mouse embryo tested as well as endotoxin tested. These Gynaecology IUI Catheters are equipped with a positioner that prevents damage to the fundus. Clients can avail these finely made and accurately dimensioned Gynaecology IUI Catheters from in the specific requirements.

Features :
  • Gamma irradiated, mouse embryo tested, endotoxin tested
  • Soft, flexible tip for ease of transfer and patient comfort
  • Available with memory
  • Equipped with a positioner to prevent damage to the fundus
  • 2 lateral ports at distal end for optimal sperm distribution
  • Convenient arrow on handle indicates port position
  • Combines a soft, flexible intra-uterine catheter and solid thick cervix catheter

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